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Recent conversations with dozens of members, consumers, and other agencies has highlighted the important need for campgrounds at this time. With thousands of “snowbirds” returning home to Canada and individuals preparing for isolation, campgrounds nationwide are facing difficult decisions in the coming days, weeks, and months.

It is of significant importance that public health and safety be the top priority. All businesses must comply with local/regional regulations regarding safe capacity, reduced service operations, social distancing, stringent cleanliness protocols, and more.

Alongside various industry professionals, campground owners and operators, health and safety and disaster preparedness experts, hospitality teams, and more, CCRVC staff has developed a dynamic and comprehensive resource package to assist you in making difficult decisions as you prepare for what will certainly be an unprecedented camping season.


Key topics include: awareness, prevention, response planning, mitigating impacts on staff and guests, changes to basic daily operations, government programming impacting staff and businesses, and communication strategies.

You can view/download the PDF by clicking here:

Updates, information, and resources related to COVID-19 and its impact on campgrounds in Canada can be found at the new page on our website. Due to the fluid, rapidly-changing nature of this global issue, additions and edits to this page will be made as information becomes available. Information and suggestions found on this page are for general knowledge and in no way substitute medical, governmental, or professional advice or requirements. Resources listed on this page will be updated regularly to reflect the most accurate information available.