Emco Waterworks / Sandale Utility Products Winnipeg

Emco Waterworks/Sandale Utility group stock and sells a variety of piping materials and provides solutions for geothermal, irrigation, industrial, mining, municipal and septic applications.

Our Success is in the quality of our products and the Industry leading customer service we offer.

We at Emco/Sandale realize that our customer’s success is our success; we strive to constantly supply the highest quality products at competitive prices with the best service and technical support in the industry.


  • Fairness and Caring
  • Trust and Respect
  • Generous Listening
  • Straight Talk
Call Us : (204) 697-3120

Website: http://www.emcoww.com

39 Eagle Drive
Winnipeg, MB  R2R 1V4
Hugh Bonner
Septic Specialist
Ph: 204-697-6115
Cell: 204-226-3276
Email: hbonner@emcoltd.com